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The two houses, Carolina's on the left, Henry's on the right, with a muletrack between

The two houses with narrow street between them.

Les renseignements en Francais se trouvent au fond

Two beautiful houses are available for rent in Langada. No one knows exactly when they were built, but they follow Cycladic traditions and have probably been standing for centuries. Local craftsmen restored them in the 1970s, and they won an award from the Amorgos society of Athens for preserving local character. They appeal to people who prefer the simple comfort of village houses to modern luxury villas.

.Book by e-mail to and/or        See availibility and prices below.

The village from across the gorge the houses are on the lower edge

The village from across the gorge. The houses are on the lower right edge of the village

The muletrack approaching Langada fron Ormos and the beach.

The beach with the port of Ormos and the village of Potamos above

The sandy beach with the port of Ormos and the village of Potamos above

Langada is one of three picturesque mountain villages served by the port, known as Ormos, in the community of Aegiali at the northwest end of the island. It is a delightful thirty-five minute walk from Ormos and the beach, up a stone-paved mule track, or 3.5 kilometers by road.

Henry's terrace. with Carolina's beyond across the muletrack

Henry’s terrace. with Carolina’s beyond across the muletrack

The houses are five to ten minutes, steeply downhill, from the plateia or square of Langada; they stand on the north western edge of the village with views, from spacious terraces, across a deep gorge towards the mountains of Naxos and to Aegiali Bay. Between them runs a paved path used by donkeys, but not accessible to traffic. A variety of hiking trails from the village lead through the mountainous scenery to places of interest.

There are several tavernas in the village of Langada, an excellent bakery and stores selling fresh produce, groceries and household goods. The two other attractive villages, Thollaria and Potamos also offer enjoyable places to eat. Ormos is a bustling harbour with cafés, restaurants, ferry agents, a pharmacy and a variety of shops. Boats from Pireaus and various other islands call here regularly. The long sandy beach offers safe swimming for children; the rocky shore nearby is good for snorkeling; smaller beaches can be reached by an easy path.

Dancing between two restaurants in the village square close to the houses

Cafes at Ormos

Cafes at Ormos, the harbour

At the other end of the island, 15 kilometeres, away lies the port of Katapola and, on the mountain slope above, the charming historic town of Chora. This is the administrative center of Amorgos. Nearby is the famous 11th century Choviotissa Monastery, built into the face of a cliff. It is open to visitors. Since the early 1980s all these places and other villages further south-east have been connected by paved roads.

One of the churches of Chora

One of the churches of Chora


The Monastery


Many families with children of all ages have stayed in the houses and found them suitable, but there are opportunities for unsupervised children to climb into places from which they could fall. Parents of toddlers, just beginning to walk need to be specially vigilant.


Henry's House with flowers around the terrace

The house with flowers around the terrace

Available  July 24 – August 14. Rent 800 Euros per week in July and 850  in August, also August 29 – October 3 @ 650 Euros per week

This whitewashed stone house, the larger of the two, opens onto a walled garden with a raised terrace offering spectacular sea and mountain views. Beneath the terrace, rainwater is stored in a large cistern. There are many flowers and flowering shrubs, as well as a vine shading an outdoor table.

Living room spanned by a stone arch

Door to the terrace 

Two double beds in recesses beside the arch

The main room, spanned a stone arch supporting the wooden ceiling, contains two large double beds built into recesses on either side of the arch, a dining table and an antique sofa. There is a curtained cupboard for hanging clothes and a library of books in English, French and Dutch. A CD player is provided, but you will need to bring your own CDs.

The second double bedroom is smaller. Originally a separate house, it is entered through its own door. It also has a stone arch dividing it. It contains two single beds, which can be put together as a double, and a small table. The smallest bedroom, originally the bakehouse with a stone oven, also opens off the garden. It has a wide single bed on a raised platform and a small table. Outside it is a shady place under a vine with a table.

The second double bedroom

A table under a vine by the door to the second bedroom



The small, simple kitchen opening off the main room includes three gas rings, a microwave oven, combined with a toaster grill, an electric kettle and a small refrigerator. There is running cold water at the marble sink and matching counter tops, but water has to be heated in the kettle. (This boils quickly) Tenants are asked to be specially careful to put food away so that it does not attract insects. A few tenants, in their evaluations, mentioned a problem with the sink drain. This has been completely solved

The bathroom with a bougainvillea is separate from the house

The bathroom with a flowering bougainvillea in front is separate from the house

Bathroom interior with tiled shower compartment

Bathroom interior with tiled shower compartment

The bathroom, built twenty years ago was recently enlarged and remodeled. It is a separate structure approached by a short flight of steps, with a flush toilet and shower in a tiled compartment, as well as a movable basin. The water heater warms up quickly when needed, but should be turned off when not in use. Water from the cistern is pumped automatically to the bathroom and the kitchen. But, because of the shortage of water on the island, we ask guests to conserve it. When convenient, please flush the toilet with water saved from the basin or the shower and from washing clothes. For colder weather a radiant electric heater provides warmth.

A shady place under a pine tree with a view over the valley to mountains

View from the terrace to mountains and sea


Available for the whole of June at 350 euros per week The rest of the season is booked

Carolina's house with its terrace in front

Carolina’s house with its terrace in front gives beautiful views across the gorge to mountains,  sea and distant islands

Carolina'''s living room

Carolina”’s living room with the bedroom beyond

The bedroom

The bedroom

Carolina's terrace

Carolina’s terrace

On the upper floor a pleasant living room, opening onto a terrace, leads to a bedroom with a double bed. The terrace offers a magnificent view over the sea to distant islands, and across a valley to nearby mountains. In the distance you can see the island of Naxos. The small kitchen and the bathroom, reached by an exterior staircase are below. The bathroom with hot water and a shower has been remodeled this year. The kitchen has gas rings, a small oven and a refrigerator.

The bathroom remodeled in 2017

Another small terrace, opening off the kitchen is a shady place for lunch in the summer. But an umbrella offers shade on the upper terrace. Carolina keeps two rooms on the lower floor for her own occasional use and storage, but nobody will sleep there while the house is rented.

Sunset from the terrace

Sunset from the terrace

The houses are managed by Carolina, who has lived on Amorgos for about 50 years. Many of the people who have rented them  since since they were restored in the seventies are ‘regulars’ who return year after year. Henry’s house is rarely available in July because it is promised to a family as long as they want to come. We prefer renters to stay for a month and will give a 7% discount to those who do. Renters are responsible for their own cleaning and laundry (except bed sheets and towels which Carolina will wash after a week of use) It is easy to wash clothes by hand in the soft rainwater from the cisterns and to dry it in the sun. Tenants are expected to leave the houses as the found them, but they will be professionally cleaned between tenants. We appreciate the fact that almost all of our tenants have taken good care of them . Tenants are asked to water the flowers around the house. This only takes a few minutes each day, and ensures that you won’t be disturbed by someone else coming to do it.

Travel to Amorgos.
Amorgos is the furthest island in the Cyclades from Piraeus. The great benefit of this is that there are fewer tourists than on the closer islands, and a much more traditional way of life. The historic villages have not been spoiled so much by the commercialism that has changed other islands. On the other hand the ferries from Piraeus to Amorgos are not as frequent as they are to Paros, Naxos, Mykonos and others. You can find the schedule of the Blue Star Ferries which provides regular service to Aegiali. Other Greek ferry websites give information on alternative lines. You must have a ticket before you board the boat. They can be booked on the internet, but must be picked up at their office in Athens or at Piraeus. At Easter time and in August (particulary around August 15 The date of a festival) booking in advance is essential. There are additional boats from Piraeus to Katapola at the other end of the island on different days, but this route is not so convenient. Faster Hydrofoils serve the island in the high season, but the regular ferries are more comfortable.

Inevitably the sea is sometimes rough, and, very rarely the boats are unable to leave port for a few hours. If you should be delayed by a storm there will be no reduction in rent for the period booked. Furthermore we cannot take any responsibility for missed planes. Although many of our friends, family and renters have counted on a boat connecting with a plane, and have had no problem, we advise you to plan for a night or two in Athens after the boat journey.

A public bus runs from Athens airport to Piraeus every half hour and takes about an hour. The Athens Metro, which you can find on the web, runs from the airport to the city, with a connection to Piraeus. The Blue Star boats depart from a dock near the metro station, (except the Blue Star 1 or 2 direct to Katapola which sails from a dock a long way to the right, and rather far to walk. There is a free bus to it inside the harbour wall, but it does not run very frequently. Allow time for this.)

Transportation on Amorgos
A bus with a regular but not frequent schedule runs from the plateia (Village square) of Langada to Ormos and the other villages. There are fewer buses or sometimes none in the spring and autumn
Cars and scooters can be rented both in Katapola and Aegiali at reasonable cost. They have a website. A reservation is only necessary in July and August. Carolina will advise on the best company.reservation,
Carolina can be reached by e-mail, at Carolina’s phone number is (30) 228 507 3488, but she spends a lot of time at another house with no phone line. If necessary you can call her mobile phone at (30) 693 083 3886. But, since international calls to a cell phone are expensive sheshe can suggest a time when you can reach her on the other phone.
Her mailing address is: Langada, Amorgos, 84008 Greece.
Your booking will be confirmed when you have transferred the first week’s rent to Carolina’s bank account at Katapola. The bank account and routing number will be e-mailed to you as soon as you request a reservation. The balance of the rent must be paid on arrival

Renseignements sur les deux Maisons à Amorgos


Les maison se trouvent sur le côté nord-ouest du village de Langada avec une belle vue à travers une gorge profonde et une vallée remplie d’oliviers, vers les montagnes de Naxos. Langada est un des trois villages pittoresques de montagne, servi par le port de Ormos, dans la communité de Aegiali. Le port de Katapola est à l’autre bout de l’île, et tout près sur la pente d’une montagne, se trouve la ville historique de Chora, le centre historique d’Amorgos. Depuis les années quatre-vingt tout ces endroits on eté joints par des routes pavés. Une route continue au delà de Chora vers des autres villages.

La maisons sont à cinq minutes de la Plateia (la place) de la village ou il y a un magazin et trois restaurants. Il y a trois autres restaurants dans la village, et des autres a Ormos et les villages voisins de Thollaria et Potamos. Un autobus avec un horaire régulier mais pas frequent joint Langada à Ormos et les autres villages d’Aigiali. Il est possible de louer une voiture ou un moto. On peut descendre à pied en 35 minutes par un ancient sentier.


La plus grande maison appartient à Henry Matthews un historien d’architecture qui habite à Seattle. Elle est régée par sa soeur Carolina Matthews, un écrivain qui a habité à Amorgos depuis 35 années. Beaucoup de nos locataires reviennent souvent. La maison est rarement disponible au mois de Juillet, parce que nous l’avons promis à une famille qui la louent chaque an. Nous préférons les locataires qui y passent un mois, et nous leur offrons un rabais de 10%. Les locataires sont responsible pour nettoyer la maison et laver le linge. (Excepté au départ) Nous attendons qu’ils laissent la maison exactement comme ils ils la trouvent. Nous sommes contents que tout nos locataires l’ont bien soigné, et l’ont laissé propres pour les prochains visiteurs.

Nous demandons que les locataires arrosent les fleurs et arbustes autour de la maison. Ce petit travail dure seulement quelques minutes par jour, et assure que vous n’êtes pas derangés par une autre personne s’en occupant.

La Maison d’Henry

Disponible du 24 Juillet au 14 Aout  800 Euros par semaine au mois de Juillet et 850 au mois d’aout. Aussi disponible de 29 Aout au 3 Octobre

La Maison est anciente et traditionelle avec des murs blanchis en pierre. Les trois chambres donnent sur un jardin avec terrasse et vue panoramique sur l’Egée. La plus grande chambre sert aussi comme salon et salle à manger et elle communique avec la cuisine. La cuisine est petite et simple. Il était impossible d’installer une salle de bain dans la maison sans la ruiner. A cause de ça nous avons construit une petite salle bain comme batiment separé. On le voit dans un photo, couvert d’une vigne de bougainvillée. Il faut monter quelques pas pour y arriver. Il y a une douche avec eau chaud, WC et chaleur radiente. Nous sommes en train de rénover la salle de bain cet hiver, ajoutant un compartiment carrelé pour la douche.

La Maison de Carolina

Disponible seulement au mois de Juin a 350 Euros par semaine

La maison est également vielle et traditionelle. Elle a un jolie petit salon qui donne sur une terrasse avec une belle panorame sur mer et montagne, et une chambre acec un grand lit. La salle de bain et la cuisine sont en bas gagnés par un escalier exterieur. Carolina utilize deux chambers desous de temps en temps, mais personne y dort quand la maison est louée.

La voyage à Amorgos

Amorgos est l’îsle Cycladique le plus éloigné de Pirée. Le plus grand avantage de la distance est qu’il y a moins de tourists, et qu’on y trouve une vie plus traditionelle. Les villages historiques n’ont pas souffert autant de l’esprit commercial qui a changé les autres isles. Par contre les Ferryboats de Pirée à Amorgos ne sont pas aussi fréquents que ceux qui servent Paros, Naxos et Mykonos. Vous pouvez trouver l’horaire de Blue Star ferries à . et aussi des autres agencies de voyage. Les voyageurs sont obligés d’avoir un billet avant d’embarquer. On peut acheter les billets sur l’internet, mais il faut les lever du bureau à Athènes ou Pirée.

A Pâques, et au mois d’août il est nécessaire de réserver les billets en avance. Il y a aussi un ferry qui part de Paros et Naxos les dimanche  matins et arrive à Aegiali à midi


Pour faire une reservation envoyez un mail à avec copie à Pour réserver un séjour il faut  faire un virement pour le prix locative pour une semaine à la banque de Carolina à Katapola..


La numéro de telephone de Carolina (30) 228 507 3488, mais sa maison à Stroumbos est sans électricité et sans téléphone. Le numero de sa mobile est (30) 693 083 3886. Vous pouvez laisser des messages. Son mail est

Le Numéro de telephone de Henry Matthews aux Eats Unis est (1) 206-325-6359 email

Two loads of Hay

Two loads of Hay

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